Corporate Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling is the BEST solution for over-indebted employees 

Over-indebted employees require urgent help and intervention with their credit providers to avoid legal action and to save their assets from repossession

Employers are also encouraged to advise any employees struggling with over-indebtedness  to seek help immediately and guide them to a company that provides free debt advice. Often employees are embarrassed to admit they are in debt and struggling with money, so it is important to ensure that asking for help is not seen as a sign of weakness and rather as a second chance to build a brighter financial future


  • Increased garnishee orders on employee salaries (plus increased payroll admin);
  • Increase in company loans;
  • Loan sharks harassing employees at their work place due to illegal lending;
  • Demands for higher salary increases;
  • Stress, illness and absenteeism;
  • Broken relationships in the workplace;
  • Late coming, lack of motivation and lower productivity;
  • In extreme cases – theft;
  • Increased attrition as employees search for higher paying jobs;
  • Increased resignations and early retirement as employees attempt to get cash from provident funds and retirement plans. 

Benefits of debt counselling for employees

For employees:

  • Immediate increase in cash flow to cover living expenses.
  • No more harassment from creditor's both at home and at work.
  • Improved well-being and productivity at work.
  • Happier relationships at home and in the workplace.

For employers:

  • Improved time-keeping and increased employee productivity and motivation.
  • Fewer loan requests or pay advances.
  • Decrease in theft, attrition and resignations.
  • Fewer demands for excessive pay increases.


Debt Solve Inc visits different organisations to offer free debt review and counselling education. The biggest benefit of employees joining Debt Solve Inc will be an emotional one because emotionally employees will become relieved from all of the pressure of being overly in debt.

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