Means of communicating to us (Debt Solve Inc.): How can we help you? You are important to us!


  • Visit us
  • Call us
  • Leave a message and we will call you back.
  • Send us a letter
  • Send us an e-mail


  • Visit us at our Debt Solve Inc Office, Second floor, Makabongwe House, Plot, Nkoseluhlaza Street, Manzini and speak to one of our friendly clients’ service officer.
  • Call us on (+268) 35402204 and speak to one of our friendly clients’ services Officer.
  • Should you find that all our consultants are busy on the line, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as one of our officers are available.
  • Send us a letter to our Debt Solve Inc Office at P.O. Box 4141 Manzini, M200, eSwatini.
  • Send us an email to our Debt Solve Inc office at



Obtain the name of the Debt Solve Inc staff member whom assisted you with your query.



Request a complaint reference number from the staff member whom you spoken too.



Provide a contact number where Debt Solve Inc. can contact you, in order to resolve your query.


We at DEBT SOLVE INC promise you as our valued customer the following:


Debt Solve undertakes to the following:


  • We have suitable, qualified and friendly officers that will attend to your complaints.
  • We record the details of your complaint in our complaints register so that such complaints are never brought about again.
  • We will ensure that we provide you with reference name and number so that you get the best service ever.
  • We will ensure that we report back to you as soon as possible on the outcome of the complaint.
  • Report complaint resolution statistics to the FSRA.


If you feel that you were not assisted by the best of our ability – you are welcome to escalate the matter to:


Escalation Procedures:


Step 1 - A Debt Solve Inc Client Services Officer - Tel: +268 35402204

Step 2 - A Debt Solve Inc Debt Counsellor - Tel: +268 76119889 

Step 3 - The Debt Solve CEO – Tel: +268 76185626

Step 4 - The FSRA – Tel: +268 24068000